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For A3R the Research come first! That's way we invest more than 20% of revenues into research and development. A number partnerships with academic institutions and research centres let the company offer pioneering approaches to Customers.

A3R focusses its medium-long term R&D investment on areas that will have a major direct impact on its business segments. Projects are carried out with company funding or jointly with the European Union, the Italian ministries of Defence and of Research. Many include work with industrial partners and universities.

Most of this activity revolves around the key groupings of system integration (expecially for unmanned air vehicles).

In collaboration with other European Companies and Universities, A3R is also involved in many research activities for the European Space Agency (ESA), mainly in the field of Control Systems and System Modelling:

  • Robust Flight Control System Design Verification & Validation Framework (ESA ITT - RFCS)
  • Robust Model Predictive Control For Space Constrained Systems (ESA ITT - RobMPC)

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