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Owning its core technologies from start to finish and continuously pursuing innovation, A3R contributes to its Customers' most challenging needs for situational awareness, protection and sensors systems solutions. For this reason A3R offers full enginnering support to differentiate Customers needs from their competition or ensure that all of the critical requirements are met.


A3R hardware designers can provide dedicated solution to develop custom UAV electronics, in terms of autopilot functionalities, custom sensors, or specialized I/O.


UAV Integration

A3R offers integration services at Customers’ locations to support in configuration, integration and tuning of the YAAP Autopilots for their air vehicles. Our integration team can easily help you to let your UAV fly supporting all the development phases from fine-tuning of the autopilot to the flight tests.


Airborne Software

A3R GNC Team is ready to go beyond the current system configuration to meet particular requirements of the Customer in terms of vehicle performance, control architecture and mission capabilities. Whether you need feature enhancements or completely new capabilities, we can customize the YAAP Airborne Software to meet your requirements.


Ground Software

A3R Software Team can also customize every Customer needs related to the Ground Software specifications, not only in terms of Mission Planner or CUCS functionalities, but also providing custom Simulation Software or Vehicle Modelling to support pilots training.


Vision Systems

Due to its experience on Vision Systems, our team can develop new applications of vision in every field: from intelligent transportation systems and vehicles (lane detection, vehicle detection, pedestrian detection, obstacle localization), to robotics (target recognition and tracking,sensor fusion, path planning).


If you are interested about the A3R services, please contact us at: services(AT)a3r.it







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