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A3R experience also on the Control Systems, GNC, and System Modelling for Aeronautics and Space applications allows to offer to its Customers support in the development of complex systems, from Satellites to Space Launchers.

A3R Consulting Team offers innovative and personalised solutions to customers operating chiefly in the aeronautics, aerospace, and Unmanned Systems. The skills they provide include project management and systems engineering.

A3R is offering High Quality Consulting Services in:

  • Aerospace:
    • GNC architecture
    • Innovative TVC control
    • Satellite Attitude control
    • Orbital Manouvres
    • Lunar Landing
    • Space Launchers
  • Aeronautics:
    • Modelling and Simulation
    • Vechicle Control
    • Attitude Sensors
    • AHRS
  • Unmanned Systems :
    • Modelling and Simulation
    • On Board Software
    • Path Planning
    • Obstacle Avoidance
    • Automatic take-off and landing algorithms
    • Trajectory Generation
    • Formation Flight
    • Robotics
    • Control Systems

The Company has been chosen has favourite partner in important and numerous international industrial projects all around the Europe.


If you are interested about the A3R Consulting, please contact us at: consulting(AT)a3r.it

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