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A3R - Advanced Research is a young and dynamic Company, founded in March of 2008, born to develop new technologies and products related to the mecatronics and unmanned systems.

The company’s purpose is to bring innovative and meaningful solutions in the field of UAS for military and emerging civil applications, with a wide range of capabilities for the battlefield and for homeland security applications.

A portfolio of UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems) solutions, spanning from mini-micro UAS, light and small autopilots, flight and ground software, draw together the threads of the Company's core capabilities to provide versatile, multirole systems that are fit for modern operations.

A3R designs and sells small automatic pilots of the YAAP Family, specifically for mini and micro tactical UAVs using leading edge miniaturization and design techniques. The YAAP series autopilot are one of the world’s smallest full featured UAV autopilots. Capabilities include airspeed hold, altitude hold, turn coordination, GPS navigation, vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL), and autonomous operation from launch to recovery.

A3R develops and sells user-friendly ground control software of the YACS Family with point-and-click interface for mission planning, parameter adjustment, flight monitoring and mission simulation.

A3R also provides powerful Target Tracking, Video Stabilization, Geo-Location technologies.

The Company sells autopilots and ground control products to systems integrators and researchers within military, academic, defense industry and private research institutions, offering its expertise to customize applications to the Customer needs.

A3R experience also on the Control Systems and GNC (Guidance, Navigation and Control) algorithms for Aeronautics and Space applications allows to offer to its Customers a wide range of Services, from Engineering to Consulting, and to support the development of complex systems, from Satellites to Space Launchers. That's way the Company has been chosen has favourite partner in important and strategic projects all around the Europe.

For A3R the Research come first! That's way we invest more than 20% of revenues into research and development. A number partnerships with academic institutions and research centres let the company offer pioneering approaches to Customers.

Owning its core technologies from start to finish and continuously pursuing innovation, A3R contributes to its Customers' most challenging needs for situational awareness, protection and sensors systems solutions. For this reason A3R also offers full technical support and training programs for its products.




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