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A3R - Advanced Research is a company that values excellence, so it is always looking for talents who can help it to innovate, and who are passionate about, research, new technologies and engineering excellence.

A3R - Advanced Research values the individual first. A person's freedom to express him or herself is given highest priority, because A3R - Advanced Research believes this is the key to creative and successful team collaboration.

The selection process is detailed and precise. Candidates are examined on their professional, technical and academic excellence, as well as on their compatibility with A3R - Advanced Research principles.

The Company's seeds

A3R - Advanced Research knows that the best performance is only achieved if employees feel empowered and appreciated. It also believes that the quality of its work and products cannot be separated from the lives of the people working in the Company. That's why the working environment and welfare are the most important priorities.

The philosophy behind the activities of A3R - Advanced Research dictated that buildings and their functions should be designed with the needs of employees firmly in mind. The Company facilities were specifically designed to architecturally reinforce the synergic relationship between work and results.

The personal skills are foundamental for the Company development. Language courses are promoted, along with an ongoing training programme covering both the professional development and the specific interests of employees.

A3R - Advanced Research thrusts in a world made of ecological and technological solutions, carried out by people making the best possible use of their talents and passion.

As a tree that grows strong and green by means of the excellent seeds that generated deep roots, A3R - Advanced Research thinks that the human resources are the seeds of new challenges!

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