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25 January  2012

Two different projects has been selected by a regional autorithy in the frame of POS-FESR funding schema. A3R will receive research grants to develop new products and services in the field of the unmanned systems. 

16 January  2012

The preliminary phase of the SUAS project has been succesfully completed! Next phases (detailed design and demonstrator) will start very soon... 

06 October  2011

A3R - Advanced Research, in partnership with other important Italian and European companies, has won an ESA/ESTEC ITT on Estimation and Filtering for Space applications: beyond the Kalman filter (FEST). The Company will work on new theoretical developments in estimation and filtering in the areas of non-lineaarity, time varying effects and model uncertainties

1 June  2011

A new electronic board to be used for UAS has been released! Its name is YAPSU, an high performance digital power-supply controller and monitor board which works with an existing POL (point of load) power supply to provide complete digital programmability. More informations are available in the page Products.


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